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Obscura Makes A Game

Making a gay dating sim called "Coming Out On Top".
Content is 18+ and NSFW.
Aug 6 '12

Moya plays Coming Out On Top, Part 1

A liveplay from CheeryMoya of Coming Out On Top

CheeryMoya, for those of you who don’t know, is another game maker and the personification of crack.  She’s also a freakin’ genius.

Needless to say, game-related spoilers below the cut:  

CheeryMoya here! As requested by Obscura, I’m rewriting my LP for…

A BxB Comedy game with some adult themes, her debut VN and pretty good at that. You can download the game here and play it, but below the cut I’ll take you through the story with my commentary. Sit back, and I highly recommend you don’t eat or drink whilst reading because I can guarantee you’ll spit at your screen at least once.

Formalities out of the way, let’s get real yo. Your name is Mark Matthews, like your mom and dad named you while thinking of Stan Lee’s comic book characters or something. Come on, think about it: Peter Parker, Doctor Doom, Awesome Android, etc.

Hey there handsome. You don’t attract much attention to yourself, but you’re nice on the eyes. Now here’s a newsflash: you’re gay. Except you’re too much of a wuss to admit to yourself till now. First people you want to tell the big news to are your buddies, Penny and Ian.

Wow no, narcissist. Has anyone ever told you your hair was ridiculous? No? Okay, your hair is stupid Ian. There, I said it. Mark’s stalling for time, so what does he do? Talk about the wonderful magic of friendship~

Ahahahaha, this almost makes me want to shout out at the top of my lungs “I’M SO GAYYYYYYYYYYY”

"O rly?" she says. "Ya rly," you reply.

There we go, some incredulity. You’re serious as balls, and lucky for you they swallow the announcement pretty well. In fact, they’re happy for you! Well, Penny is while Ian blabs about how weird her family is. Ian’s not too glad since you didn’t volunteer for cleaning duties, but he’s glad you’re finally yourself. Penny’s more than excited to take you to a gay bar to celebrate and Ian takes this chance to ollie out before things get too homo.

Let’s grab a beer that’s dark and bitter LIKE YOUR SOUL AHAHAHA. So she gets you something to get drunk on and goes to the bathroom, leaving you all alone. Not too long after, you meet him.

Choice words for your soon-to-be hasubando.

Sometimes I sing Christmas carols in the middle of July, no joke. Anyone else? Anyway, you chat it up with this hottie; his name’s Alex. You talk about this and that, and then Alex has to jet. What does he do? “Hey, I just met you, and this is cra~zy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe!” Well, you give him yours but you get the idea.

Penny returns, she asks what happened, go back to the dorms, lay in bed and have your friends harass you on the phone while you desperately wish that Alex would call you (he doesn’t). The next morning you walk to class with Ian and you go your separate ways. When you get into your seat, the professor walks in, and…

Bam! Not only are you gay, but you’re also going to have a forbidden student-teacher romance~ Thing’s just got even hotter. While he’s lecturing, all you can think about is how hot he is. I don’t blame you.

Class is over and you run the fuck out of there, but Alex stops you! What does he want? A hug? A kiss? A blow-job? Anal fisting?

God fucking damn it, what’s the point of this game if I don’t get my gay romance? No, you will not shut off the game; you are going to defy society and create your own destiny! You will get in Alex Davies’s pants if that’s the end of you. But for now you have to behave and be a good boy. Walk out of office to be ambushed by this jackass.

Asshole. Whatever, he’s not important now. And now comes Penny with her phone camera of dooooooom.

You fill her in on the juicy details and she laughs at you. Thanks for being a friend, Penny. Stuff happens, you have a dream where Alex wants to sex you up.

yes plz

Go to hell Ian.

Turns out you’ve been chanting Alex’s name in your sleep and Ian wants you to go to the gym. Well, let’s go. After doing whatever, you wander around when suddenly-!

This is perfect, you can totally un-pants him right here and- oh, he wants to play racquetball. Hell, let’s entertain him.

These portions are admittedly a little awkward since it’s just a gray ball whizzing around on this background. If you stare at his butt you lose really badly.

You’d love to suck on his toes, but there’s no option for that :C And so Alex walks off for class. You hang around a little longer to see her.

Her hair is also wack, OMG. I should just send the whole cast to the hairdresser and give them mohawks and afros or something.

And well, that’s enough for now. Catch you next time on Part 2, where things really get heated up!

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