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Obscura Makes A Game

Making a gay dating sim called "Coming Out On Top".
Content is 18+ and NSFW.
Oct 2 '14

Just A Lil’ Note

Hey all—just fixing up a bunch of stuff on this end. I’ve got a lot to do before December. So if you’ve sent me a question or comment and I haven’t answered yet, I’ll get to it in due time! 

I appreciate your support. Thank you so much for being the best.

Gratefully and with much love <3

Sep 7 '14

Coming Out Day for “Coming Out On Top”: December 10th

Release date for Coming Out On Top will be December 10, 2014.

More info here:

(And apologies, I’ll be getting to your asks in due time! I built up quite a backlog while I was working on the last build.)

Aug 3 '14

Coming Out On Top Demo Let’s Play

By the way, here’s a stellar multi-part Let’s Play done by the very funny Bonreal. Great ad libbing and commentary, man! My husband and I were snorting with laughter.
(Side note: it’s always hugely flattering for a creator when someone takes the time to play an adult VN and not skip directly to all the sex scenes. Not that any of you would do that. Right? No sir. I know we’re all playing this for the hard-hitting emotional content and grisly realism.)
Aug 3 '14

Coming Out On Top Update and Q&A

Reminder to Kickstarter backers, if you haven’t seen the latest Kickstarter update, it’s here!

At the moment, I’m working on getting the next build up and running. The release date will depend on feedback from my testers, but I’m excited to say CooT will be out this year. 

Some Q&A under the break: 

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Jul 20 '14

Latest Q&A for Coming Out On Top

And now our characters attempt to answer your questions under the cut…

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Jul 4 '14

Coming Out On Top Q&A Volume 4837

Whew, sorry about the silence there. I didn’t want to post any updates until I finished Brad…and the week I thought it would take turned into three. Dear Brad made me a little loco. I hope you enjoy his story line, I went through a scary amount of coffee for his ass. 

Incidentally, Brad had the most amount of work since he had a major rewrite. I’m working on the rest of the boys in the order of “most to least amount of work left”. At the moment I’m in the middle of Jed, then I’m going to finish up Phil, then Ian. (Alex has been completed for a while now.)

And here is the latest Kickstarter update is here if you haven’t seen it.  

Some Q&A below the cut!

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Jun 15 '14

Some more Q&A for Coming Out On Top

Yikes, it’s been a while! I kept telling myself I wouldn’t touch my social media sites until I finished rewriting Brad’s scenes. And now that they’re finally getting coded in, I’m back to answering your questions.  Ahem…

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Jun 8 '14

I did a thing for you Obscura,


it’s a fancover for the game, I hope you like it ( and hope you decide to use it as actual cover….ok no, forget that haha)

Art by me: ABSOLUM


You’re art is CRAZY GOOD!!! (Lol when fanart is insanely better than the original)

I’m busy with production right now but I would love to put this on the fan art page!! 

Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3

Jun 8 '14

I did a thing for you Obscura,

it’s a fancover for the game, I hope you like it ( and hope you decide to use it as actual cover….ok no, forget that haha)

Art by me: ABSOLUM

May 21 '14

Q&A for Coming Out On Top

Still working non-stop on Brad’s scenes. God, that boy is demanding.

In the meantime, let’s answer your questions:

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May 8 '14

Coming Out On Top Q&A

The poll on your page, it talks about turning beards on or off. Just to clarify, can we still toggle them in the final version of the game?

Yes, you can turn them on and off at any point, even during the sex scenes.  (I know who you are, in-game-beard-switchers.)

lol @ how in the beard pic almost everyone is frowny

Ha, if they are, that was random.  Or maybe they just want you to be impressed with their emotional range as dating sim characters.

May 7 '14

Coming Out On Top Q&A

Still working on Brad’s story here…eh…so many options…

But anyway, quick Q&A before these pile up again:

How many… “explicit” scenes can you find in the demo? I’ve gotten three so far and I’m wondering if there’s any more I should try to find.

Ok, I’ve put up something here if you’re having problems.  Sorry about not having a more comprehensive walk through.  It is only a demo, after all, and I’m really trying to focus on getting the game out!  :)

What’s the song you used for the title menu?

"Luv, Luv, Luv" by the excellent gay punk band Pansy Division.  You can find their stuff on iTunes and Amazon.  THEIR LYRICS ARE HILARIOUS.  

May 5 '14


Is it wrong… to check all of them for both…?

'Cause I like all of them with and without beards and I will mix it up every time…

:| :| :|

Not at all.  That’s awesome!

(link to the poll:

(Source: obscurasoft)

May 5 '14

Poll #2.  Do you love beards on these guys or hate ‘em?

You can take the poll here.

May 5 '14